Kicking Ass and Taking Names

Arisawa Tatsuki
17 July
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Arisawa Tatsuki is a sophomore at Seireitai High school as well as a quintessential jock. Despite her rather small size, she has become a prominent member of the girls' field hockey team, the karate club, the girls' ice hockey team, the girls' lacross team and the track team.

A little rough around the edges and a true tomboy, Tatsuki is often mistaken for a dyke. However, she couldn't care less about what people have to say about her. But if any of the insinuations move on to her best friend Orihime, all bets are off and here's hoping the idiot who opened his mouth has damn good dental insurance. Not afraid to get physical with anyone and having a very strong competitive streak, Tatsuki is often in the center of competions and school yard brawls.

Much to the disapointment of her strict and traditional parents.

Tatsuki is tough love.

[OOC: Arisawa Tatsuki is played by me, Cat (anotherstraycat), for the rpg seireitaihs. As this is a crack rp, this journal is used solely for entertainement purposes. So just enjoy ^_^ and if you're bored, go join the rp! We love new members ^^]

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